Michigan Law Outlaws

MLaw's LGBTQ Student Organization Since 1981

Meet the Board

Josh Goldman is a 1L and Co-Chair of Outlaws. Originally from the Boston area, Josh made his way down the east coast for college in Philly, and to spend a few years after that working in Washington, DC. He enjoys cooking, playing tennis, and drinking good coffee. A semi-retired indoor cycling instructor, Josh is just waiting for his call up to the big leagues.

Contact info: jgoldma@umich.edu

Ira is a 2L and a Co-Chair of Outlaws. A proud native of the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, Ira's childhood diet consisted primarily of Rita's water ice and Philly soft pretzels. Before moving to Ann Arbor, Ira lived in New York doing political advocacy work around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with an organization called J Street. 

Contact info: irastup@umich.edu

Christa is a 1L summer starter, and the Academic and Advocacy Chair. She traded in the white beaches of Santa Cruz for Ann Arbor’s frozen tundra. Christa worked at Comerica Bank before law school, where she advanced the diversity initiative. When she’s not watching TedTalks, Christa is boxing or training new boxers at the University of Michigan Boxing Club.

Contact info: cnipp@umich.edu

Mitchell is a 1L and the Gala Chair for 2017. After graduating from Vassar college with a degree in Greek & Roman studies and spending a summer trying his hand at archaeology, Mitchell turned his attention to the stars and spent three years working in television at the Syfy channel followed by a stint at LogoTV. Although he’s realized that his combination of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent is best served in a court of law he couldn’t leave show business behind entirely and will be featured on HGTV’s House Hunters International in 2017.

Contact info: gilburne@umich.edu

Laura is a 2L and the Social Chair of Outlaws. She is also the bisexual outreach coordinator. Laura is spending the summer at National Advocates for Pregnant Women. Before law school, she did a variety of things greatly at odds with making anyone believe she is at all interested in being a lawyer. Laura is pretty sure she got this job because of a willingness to let people hang out in her apartment, come over whenever, just bring some pickles. 

Contact info: lbcohen@umich.edu

Maha is a 2L and the Outlaws Treasurer. Before law school she spent two years serving with AmeriCorps in the greater Seattle area. In her free time, she enjoys playing board games and watching soccer. She is an avid supporter of the Seattle Sounders.

Contact info: mahasyed@umich.edu

Randall, Erin - Outlaws Photo.jpg

Erin is a 1L and the Pro Bono Chair. She is from the Midwest, but attended college in Washington, DC. After graduating, and before law school, she worked for two years at the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights. Erin enjoys biking (when it's not too snowy), cooking (and eating) delicious vegetarian food, and watching HGTV. 

Contact info: erinrand@umich.edu


Victoria is a 1L from Auburn, KY and is the Outlaw's Development and Mentorship Chair. Victoria feels most at home wherever Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is being served and social justice is being done. Her hobbies include college football, laughing at her own jokes, and plotting her return to the American Southeast. Her two sincerest ambitions in life are to move back home to Kentucky in order to take over the state riding a wave of lasting economic and social change and to be able to exclusively patron craft  breweries owned by Black women.

Contact info: vicallen@umich.edu



Joel is a 1L and the Communications Chair of Outlaws. He is from New York City but secretly loves LA. Before law school, Joel taught English in Japan, traveled abroad in Asia, then moved back to New York and worked as an assistant in a contemporary art gallery on the Lower East Side. He has a passion for media art, Memphis Design and LGBTQ history and slang.

Contact info: rjoel@umich.edu


Lori is a 1L and Outlaws’ 1L Rep. Being raised in a large Italian family on Long Island, Lori has an aptitude for cooking pasta and yelling about politics. As an undergrad at American University, she interned for the U.S. Senate, the Human Rights Campaign, and the White House. Before law school, she was applying her political science degree to the lucrative profession of coaching middle school cheerleading.

Contact info: interli@umich.edu